Q: Are the photos of the escorts genuine?

Yes, all the photos on Bohemia Escorts are 100% real. The escort has been through our verification process. We only accept escorts that resemble their professional photos. We do not use photographs that have been photoshopped extensively and change the escorts’ appearance. All escorts renew their photos once a year, some of them like to do this every 3-6 months.

Q: Are the reviews genuine?

Yes! All reviews are posted from our clients directly on to the escorts reviews profile page, via the review submission form. Please note we do not publish reviews that contain bad language, rudeness, racism or explicit content.

Q: How do I know the escort I book is the actual one I will meet?

At Bohemia Escorts we promise that you will meet the actual escort you book. Our honest reputation will meet your expectations – This is our promise to you! We look after our clients and escorts to the best of our ability.

Q: Do you have an age limit for your clients to see escorts?

We welcome all clients from the age of 20 years onwards, having no age limit barrier. As long as you are clean, presentable and well mannered, we welcome your booking. Our Mature Escorts are especially great for the elder clients.

Q: How do I book?

The most convenient and fast way of the order of support – call under telephone number: +420 775 420 770. Lines are opened from 10:00 till 3:00 every day from Monday on Sunday. As the alternative of you is available the online Booking Form on a site or email us.

Q: Do I need to book in advance?

We do recommend that you book in advance to ensure your preferred escort and time. If you are looking to book a popular escort or touring escort, the quicker you book the better chance that we can guarantee your meeting. However, we do welcome same day bookings. 80% are booked on the day, however please note that availability may be limited.

Q: I would like to make an appointment to see an escort, but according to your opening hours you will be closed. How can I arrange this?

Out of hours bookings are welcome. We are very happy to arrange this, however please arrange during our opening hours.

Q: This is the first time I have booked an escort and I’m very nervous?

Please rest assured. All our escorts are very comforting with their warm personalities and very understanding. Treat it like a date!

Q: Do I need to give you my full name when booking?

If you require an escort to visit for an outcall to your hotel, we require the hotel address and your room number, along with the person’s name the room is booked under. We will call you at your room to verify your stay. We do not mention anything to the hotel receptionist. A mobile number will be necessary on all other bookings.

Q: Are my personal details kept confidential?

Bohemia Escorts offers a professional service and ensures discretion. Any information given at the time of booking is treated in the strictest confidence. No details will be passed on to the escorts or third parties. We understand the importance of discretion.

Q: Can I just email you for a booking without talking to you?

We would advise that “on the day bookings” or for a “last minute booking”, it is more efficient to call +420 775 420 770. We are more than happy for you to email us 24 hours before your booking. When we receive your email we will then contact the companion for their availability. A member of the reception team will then reply to your email to arrange a time for you to call us. As soon as this is done we can finalise the booking.

During the phone call we are happy to answer any questions you may have and will do our utmost to recommend an alternative perfect companion if you wish to change your mind.

On the day of the booking we need confirmation again via a telephone call or sms.

If you are delayed for your booking PLEASE CALL us. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your choice of companion is still available if you are late.

Q: What are the rates of the escorts?

All rates are stated in the individual escorts profile. You can find rates from 1 hour – 48 hours. Longer bookings are available on request.

Q: Are the rates negotiable?

At Bohemia Escorts we try to keep our rates as reasonable as possible. Short bookings are non-negotiable. For bookings over 48 hours there may be the possibility of some negotiation, but this is the escorts’ decision not ours.

Q: How do I pay, do you accept credit cards and cheques?

Credit cards and cheques will not be accepted. All fees are paid directly to the escort in the first 10 minutes of the meeting. We only accept cash in EURO, CZK, USD and GBP.

Q: Do I have to pay for travel?

Outcalls rates are based on bookings within Prague 1 and Prague 2. If outside zone 1 and 2, the escorts would appreciate an additional fee to cover their taxi fare. Please note that some escorts do require taxi fare for any location.

Q: I would like to see two of your escorts, can I choose any two from your site?

You are welcome to choose any two escorts who are bi-sexual; however, to ensure the booking goes smoothly you may want to look at the profiles of who we recommend together. Our team of receptionists are also always happy to recommend pairings if you need any further requests/details.

Q: Do I get a discount if I book two girls as a duo?

In most cases the fee will be the individual fee, 2x. Some escorts will offer a slight discount, these are usually the escorts that have a specific duo profile.

Q: Do the escorts charge extra to see couples?

All our bi-sexual Prague escorts genuinely enjoy seeing couples. We only charge an extra 50% for a female/male couple instead of a double fee. Please note, for male/male couples we do charge the normal fee 2x.

Q: Can I make a dress attire request?

Certainly, all our escorts are keen to ensure that you enjoy your time with them and will do their best to accommodate your request. Even if they do not have it in their wardrobe, sometimes they are happy to purchase this for you. Please let us know at the time of booking or on the day and we will ensure that your request is passed on.

Q: Can I ask a Bohemian Escort girl to call me before the booking, have their number or real name?

No, the reason why our escorts enjoy being featured on our agency is because they like the anonymity that we offer. We respect their privacy and you should too. Anyone who pesters our escorts for personal details will be banned from using our agency.

Q: What do I need to do before I see the escort?

You will receive a better welcome from our Bohemia Escorts if you arrive freshly showered for your meeting. Shower facilities are provided, depending on the type of meeting. The escorts do not like clients who are not clean and have unpleasant odours.

Q: I’ve arranged for one of your escorts to meet me at my hotel, will the reception stop them?

No, all of our escorts arrive discreetly dressed and as if they belong at that hotel, so you do not need to worry about them being stopped by reception. Equally if you bump into a colleague or friend whilst out, you can be assured the escort will conduct themselves confidently to ensure there is no embarrassment.

Q: Am I expected to tip the escort or can I take a gift?

None of the escorts expect a tip. If you want to give one then it will be graciously accepted. Alternatively you could take along a gift, a bottle of wine or perfume, as a nice ice breaker.

Q: Can I extend my booking when I am with the escort?

Yes you can, if the escort is available. Please ask the agency and we will notify us how long you are extending for.

Q: Can I meet the escort in a bar / club?

Yes, you are welcome to meet your date in any reasonable establishment, such as a bar, restaurant or club. Please ensure that you give the fee to the escort in the first 10 minutes of the meeting.

Q: I would like to see an escort outside of Prague, is this possible?

Certainly, with sufficient notice depending on the location of the escort and your location. A minimum booking plus travel expenses may apply. Please call for details.

Q: Do you arrange international bookings?

Yes of course, we have a dedicated tailor made service available for you. Most of our escorts are willing to travel internationally. All travel and accommodation reservations will need to be booked in advance. We require some personal details and an electronic copy of the accommodation reservation. Please call our highly attentive team to organise your dream date.

Q: If I don’t like the escort what can I do?

I hope in most cases you will have a pleasurable time, but sometimes you just don’t click. If you are unhappy you are not obliged to stay in their company. If you do decide to cancel, you will need to do this in the first 10 minutes of the booking. We would appreciate you paying the escort a €50 cancellation fee, and if travelled far, travel expenses too. If you are cancelling due to a problem with the escort, please call us immediately and discreetly. We will then ask the escort to leave without a cancellation fee being paid. We will be happy to recommend another escort for you, if you wish.

Q: Do I need to pay a cancellation fee if I cancel?

We do understand that sometimes you will need to reschedule or cancel your booking. Please be courteous and call to notify us in advance on the day or before, so we can advise the escort and hopefully reschedule someone else to see them. If you fail to turn up to a booking (without calling us to cancel), you will be classed as a ‘no show’ and you will be banned from booking through the agency again in the future.

If the escort has already shown up and you want to cancel, we would appreciate you paying the escort a €50 cancellation fee, and travel expenses. If you are cancelling due to a problem with the escort, please call us immediately and discreetly. We will then ask the escort to leave without a cancellation fee being paid. We will be happy to recommend another escort for you, if you wish.