Terms and Conditions


All our Escorts are not employed by Bohemia Escorts. They work independently, but have chosen us to be their agent. Adult services is a matter between you as the client and your chosen Escort.

Original Photos

Bohemia Escorts only uses genuine and actual photos of their Escorts and Models. Please understand that when some of our Escorts have their face covered, it is so that they will not be recognised.


Our Escorts are often new in this business. They are not professionals and do this as a side-line, they either have another job or are studying. We take care of the psychiatric health of our Escorts by permanently and intensively supporting them. However, we kindly ask you, as our honoured client, to also take care of our young Ladies so that in future they will also have fun in their part-time job. We expect respectful handling of our Escorts. Only this will create a perfect harmony. If an Escort says no for an service, which she doesn’t offer, it means NO. Please accept that. Of course, none of our Escort girls will be struck. Should any of our Escorts be abused, we will undertake all necessary legal steps. Unpleasant occurrences will be registered and sent to the blacklist.
Furthermore, please note that our Escorts are not allowed to give their private numbers or meet you privately without the agency. Therefore, please do not ask! By doing that, you don’t do our Escorts a favour.


Our customers can rely on Bohemia Escorts for absolute discretion. Any data, which is gathered for necessary payments and arrangements will not be filed, electronically stored or used in any other way except for the purpose of handling the necessary transactions.


You can arrange an appointment with one of our Escorts and Models by e-Mail, by phone or by escorts reservation form. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

For the security of our Escorts, we require:

  • Your name
  • Exact address of the meeting point (by hotels we need in addition your room no.)
  • Your phone no or if a hotel, the hotel no. so that we can confirm the meeting back.

In the case of international travelling we need a pre-payment of the travel expenses (normally the flight cost) plus 50 % of the fixed rate.


If you have to cancel, please call us in advance. Should she already be on the way, the travel expenses e.g. taxi fee plus cancellation fee will be charged to you.

Should we have already booked the flight and in the event where we do not get a refund from the airline, this amount will be not paid back to you. The 50 % pre-payment will be taken into account for the next booking. However, should she already be on her way to you, 40 % of the minimum booking term for your destination will be deducted.

In case we have to cancel the booking for whatever reasons and you have made a pre-payment, the full amount will be credited to your next booking.


The financial part has to be done within the first 10 minutes of your appointment, directly with the escort.
If you made a pre-payment with international Escort, please pay the missing part of your payment directly to our Escort girl at the beginning of your date. We accept EUR, CZK, GBP and USD. Please ask for our conversion rate.


In the unlikely event, where you are unhappy with your chosen Escort or her service, please contact us immediately so that we can interfere. After the appointment, we are not able to react, however, any complaints are taken very seriously and it helps us improve our outstanding service.


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